COVID-19: Inside the Capitol

Many California’s are unaware that on March 4, 2020, their rights were suspended.

A lot of flurry surrounds the Corona virus (COVID-19). Scammers are selling fake cures, toilet paper is scarce, and we all wish we had the foresight to invest in hand sanitizer stocks 2 months ago.

On the one hand, the public is being assured by government officials that COVID-19
– isn’t so bad for most people (80.9% of patients experience only “mild” symptoms)
– is often hardly noticeable (an unexplained cough or limited breathing)
and to just
– avoid large crowds
– regularly wash your hands for 20 seconds
– cover all coughs and sneezes.
– most people recover if they aren’t elderly or have compromised immune systems.

Actual Image of COVID-19

Then, on the other hand, California Governor Gavin Newsom just suspended our rights as he would during any “state of war emergency” pursuant to Government Code §§8565-8574.

In his March 4th Executive Order (N-25-20) Governor Newsom responsibly took decisive action. In that action the Governor flexed his “state of war emergency or state of emergency” powers.

Specifically, Governor Newsom’s Executive Order:
1) Suspends elements of the First Amendment
Presently set at 250 or more people, including but not limited to the imposition of social distancing measures. to control the spread of COVID-19. (Note: the Governor chose to exclude non-resident visitors from this portion of the order.)
2) Authorizes commandeering private hotels or other “suitable” private properties for government use if any of it is usable as a “temporary residence” as needed “through the exercise of the State’s power to commandeer property – hotels and other places of temporary residence, medical facilities, and other facilities that are suitable for use as places of temporary residence or medical facilities as necessary….
3) By invoking §8572 compels distribution of the Governor’s or State’s messages through private news wire or other privately held network news services. may, during a state of war emergency or state of emergency, and if no other means of communication are available, utilize any news wire services….
4) Requires “residents” (but not non-residents) to obey all orders from “state and local public health officials” under penalty of law. All residents are to heed any orders and guidance of state and local public health officials…” (The Governor chose to exclude non-resident visitors from this portion of the order.)

AP News: Global Infections Reported for Corona Virus COVID-19

Here are the unbiased facts about Corona virus (COVID-19)
– the -19 in COVID-19 refers to the year it was identified. While the first Corona virus was discovered in 1965 (B814), the COVID-19 was discovered on December 31, 2019 in Wuhan, China.
– Typical symptoms include dry cough, malaise (unknown discomfort of uneasiness), fever, and difficulty breathing.
– The virus’ primary complications present as an “acute respiratory illness.” Medical professionals, without knowing the actual identify of the disease, first diagnosed it as “pneumonia of unknown etiology”.
– Incubation time for the virus, from the point of first exposure, averages betrween 3 and 7 days, with the longest being 12.5 days after exposure. Patients can infect another person as early as 3 days after exposure.
– The rate at which COVID-19 spreads (“R0” pronounced Rnaught), or the reproductive rate is the average number of people infected by one sick person. R0 for COVID-19 is 2.2. The average infected person infects 2.2 other people.
– If left to its own devices and with unmitigated transmissions, the virus has shown to double the number of infected people every 7 days.
– COVID-19 can live on surfaces. Called “Fomite”, the term refers to an object that, if touched by an infected person, can harbor the pathogens that the person is carrying and pass them on to a new individual.  The Corona virus lives up to 3 days on plastic surfaces, and 1 day on metal surfaces. The virus dies quickly in open-air temperatures of 80 degrees or higher.
– COVID-19 has been declared a “pandemic”. A pandemic does not require biblical plague proportions or the end of days illness. A “pandemic” simply means, according to the Center for Disease Control, “an epidemic that has spread over several countries or continents, usually affecting a large number of people.” 1000 people infected over 3 countries will qualify as a “pandemic”.
– Treatment: there is no specific anti-viral in existence as of the date of this article. Treatments include oxygen treatment for patients with several infection, and even use of mechanical breathing apparatus.
– The mortality (death) rate of COVID-19 averages 2.8% for men, and 1.7% for women. Smokers and persons with asthma or other lung damage have shown a higher mortality rate due to the Corona virus, averaging 8-10% higher for men and women who smoke.
– Higher concentration alcohols and other solvents kill the virus. COVID-19 is “effectively inactivated by lipid solvents including ether (75%), ethanol, chlorine-containing disinfectant, peroxyacetic acid and chloroform except for chlorhexidine” if you happen to have any of that laying around.
– Outside of China, as of March 8, 2020, of the 7,169 total reported COVID-19 cases, 59 countries are as follows: Republic of Korea (3736 cases), Italy (1128), international conveyance (Diamond Princess, 705 cases), the Islamic Republic of Iran (593), Japan (239), Singapore (102), France (100), United States of America (62), Germany (57), Kuwait (45), Spain (45), Thailand (42), Bahrain (40), Australia (25), Malaysia (24), United Kingdom (23), Canada (19), United Arab Emirates (19), Switzerland (18), Viet Nam (16), Norway (15), Iraq (13), Sweden (13), Austria (10), Croatia (7), Israel (7), Netherlands (7), Oman (6), Pakistan (4), Azerbaijan (3), Denmark (3), Georgia (3), Greece (3), India (3), Philippines (3), Romania (3). Moreover, two cases were recorded respectively in Brazil, Finland, Lebanon, Mexico, the Russian Federation, and a single case each , in Afghanistan, Algeria, Belarus, Belgium, Cambodia, Ecuador, Egypt, Estonia, Ireland, Lithuania, Monaco, Nepal, New Zealand, Nigeria, North Macedonia, Qatar, San Marino, and Sri Lanka.
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